The most popular summer item is swimwear and other beach accessories with delivery from the USA

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The most popular summer item is swimwear and other beach accessories. A lot of entrepreneurs and just buyers shop in foreign stores, as here you can choose high-quality swimwear with delivery at an affordable price, both for yourself and for resale. Shipping from the US takes an average of 14 days.

This is a great option to save not only in terms of low prices. When buying, you have the opportunity to arrange an installment plan for delivery from the USA.

Criteria for choosing swimwear for the summer

The number of swimsuit models is endless, so the main task is to choose the right one for you. For this, several criteria must be taken into account:


  • The style must match the shape of your body. If you have wide hips, then it is better to choose models with a more closed bottom or a more open top to balance the proportions;
  • Convenience. The swimsuit fits well, does not twist or move. It should not be too tight so as not to pull the skin, but not too loose so as not to create unnecessary folds on the stomach;
  • color and pattern. If you have a pale skin tone, then it is better to choose darker shades, but if you want to attract the attention of others, then the best choice would be a swimsuit with bright patterns.

What material to choose

The comfort and durability of a bathing suit will depend on the properties of the material:


  • nylon. It is easy to clean and dries quickly, but it is not as resistant to dirt, does not shed or fade;
  • polyester. It is stronger than nylon, retains its shape well, dries easily and is suitable for swimming in a chlorine pool;
  • elastane. This material adds elasticity to the swimsuit and provides comfort when moving.

Where to buy swimwear

If you decide to buy swimwear in US stores, then you should explore the range of stores:


  • Victoriasecret. presents the best models of swimwear for every figure and every taste - open, closed, classic, sports, decorated, etc.
  • Amazon. On, you will find a wide range of beach products, including swimwear for children and adults.
  • Skims. The site presents underwear, leisure wear, including stylish and trendy swimwear.
  • Lordandtylor. The store of stylish and practical clothes offers the most popular swimwear models for the beach.
  • Nancymeyer. The site presents exclusive models from the latest collections.
  • MOTHERHOOD. You can choose new swimwear in the section*.
  • La Perla. The site presents bathing suits from the best Italian brands.


Popular swimwear models of 2023

This season, fashion shows featured various models of swimwear. Among the new products, one can single out products with long sleeves, with cutouts of unusual shapes, asymmetrical cutouts, etc.



Bikini swimsuit consists of two parts: top and bottom. The upper part consists of two triangular cups, connected by the back and tied at the neck. They can be decorated with various elements, such as lace, fabric ribbon or sequins. The lower part consists of thin straps and tight panties that are fastened at the hips or through the back of the waist. They can be high or low, covering or not. Distinctive features of the model are beauty and sexuality, as well as the ability to get an even tan. Bikinis come in a variety of top shapes, from bandeau to triangle, and bottoms, from thongs to classic bottoms.




The one-piece swimsuit, with characteristic deep cutouts on the sides that reveal the legs and waist, is a clear example of the fashion trend towards an increase in the degree of provocativeness and sexuality in beachwear. Every year, designers are shrinking the connecting strip and leaving less room for stealth, but they still remain more conservative than trikinis. Behind, they can be completely open or cover only part of the back. Monokinis, although they were developed back in the 60s, are still a relevant and sought-after style, although over time the cutouts in them have become much more daring.




This is a type of swimsuit that connects the upper and lower parts with one or more strips of fabric. Designers are actively experimenting with this style, adding various cuts, ribbons, ties, brooches and metal elements, creating a wide variety of models. Trikini appeared relatively recently, just a few years ago, when designers wanted to add an interesting element between the usual bikini. This new style has been well received by both designers and women and continues to evolve and develop.


Retro style

retro style

The retro-style swimsuit differs from modern models with its vintage design. There are many options for retro models - open, closed, one-piece, with a high waist. Over the past few fashion seasons, separate models have become popular, which consist of high-waisted bottoms and a top. These bikinis go great with wide-brimmed hats, large rounded glasses and platform sandals. In the past, such a fashionable look not only emphasized the style of appearance, but also confirmed the status of a woman as the brightest on the beach.


Additional details include various embroidery and embellishments such as bows, lace overlays and more. Most often, a retro swimsuit is available in bright colors and textile fabrics are used among the materials. All in all, the retro swimsuit creates a romantic and elegant vibe that evokes the good times.


boho style

Boho swimwear is extremely feminine and stylish, inspired by the rich textures and patterns of the ethnic and hippie era. They usually have exquisite embroidery, tassels and fringes, stylish lace and floral patterns. They hide the problem areas of the figure, thanks to their elastic bands, which convey an overall feeling of freedom and relaxation. Most often, natural and environmentally friendly materials are used, which are soft and pleasant to the touch. All in all, these are swimwear for those who love comfort, modern and innovative design solutions, and for those who want to look bright, but natural and extraordinarily beautiful on the beach or by the pool.


Features of buying swimwear in American stores

Today, many American stores do not accept payment from cards issued in the territory of the Russian Federation. But that shouldn't stop you. You can use a special service that buys goods from the USA, the cost of services is 7%. It is convenient and in any case beneficial.


Buying clothes in American stores is gaining more and more popularity. If you do not know how to save money on purchases in the US, then you should study the Internet for advice on this topic. They will help you make your purchases even more profitable.


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