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Объёмный вес (габаритный вес)- это расчетная величина отражающая плотность посылки. Оплата за объёмный вес взимается, если он больше в 3 раза по отношению к физическому весу.
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Foreign stores are bustling with low prices and a huge selection of all kinds of goods, but domestic buyers refuse to buy due to the high cost of delivery from the United States. USApostline service guarantees its customers the best/cheapest price on the market, which differs significantly from competitors. 

What does the price consist of?

Since we work without intermediaries, our customers never overpay. Shipping costs from the United States are calculated taking into account the weight of the parcel from 100g and above. This allows you to make purchases in foreign online stores in a most simple manner! Payment for delivery is made in rubles, without hidden fees. You can verify this on our calculator.

Incoming parcel to the warehouse
$ 0.00
Standard repacking
$ 0.00
Add. protection (optional)
$ 3.00
UPL Compensation (optional)
2 %
SMS and Email Notifications
$ 0.00
Parcel photo
$ 0.00
Return goods
Spec. Request for package assembly

How to save on shipping?

In order to minimize shipping costs, it is recommended to follow the following rules when processing:

  • Place your orders as soon as the store has provided you with the assotiated track number - this will allow us to automatically process the parcel at fixed rates.
  • When purchasing from multiple online stores, consolidate your orders into one single order. The more weight, the lower the cost of shipping from America.

Only here can you count on the lowest shipping costs. The prices are as they are based on the following services:

  • Free removal of the mail box in order to reduce the physical and the volumetric weight of the parcel;
  • The warehouse is located in a tax-free state. You save from 2% to 15% of the price for each product;
  • You will never pay a subscription fee for using US mailing addresses. It is yours forever!

It is worth noting that the “Virtual Address” service helps to save on spendings associated with shipping five orders from USA  by uniting orders from different stores into one parcel, hence it is 5 times cheaper than if you were to send five separate orders.