Delivery from Amazon to Russia

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delivery from amazon to Russia

Today, there is a consistent trend among domestic consumers to purchase goods from foreign online stores.

However, the service of such a trading platform as Amazon does not always have the ability to send goods to Russia, and sending by state mail is too expensive! What should I do in this situation? A suitable way out here can be offered by international forwarding companies that forward individual parcels to Russia at a price 2-3 times cheaper than mail.

Amazon's  delivery scheme from the United States to Russia

Our service is actively striving to take a leading position in the courier services market. That is why we have tried to simplify the process of delivering parcels from as much as possible, limiting ourselves to the following actions:

User registration on our website to obtain an individual address in the United States

Placing an order for a parcel from the site

Customs clearance without your participation

Delivery from Amazon to Russia by courier or to the point of issue of orders in your city

Read our guide: How to order products on Amazon, a step-by-step guide.

Payment methods for our US shipping services

To increase the availability of the service, we have provided customers with several options for paying for delivery from Amazon. Currently, the USApostline settlement system accepts funds from such payment sources as:

MasterCard and Visa are accepted as debit and credit cards.

QIWI payment machines

Salons of mobile communication

Delivery from Amazon to Russia through the above payment services can significantly improve the quality and security of customer service.

Amazon delivery to the United States Postal Service

Why do customers turn to us for services? The answer is simple—we just strive to be the first! Following this rule, our team pays a lot of attention to such service features as:

  1. Full support of the transaction by our employees (assistance in filling out an application and delivering goods from Amazon to Moscow);
  2. mandatory inspection of each parcel in order to identify goods prohibited for transportation in the Russian Federation;
  3. free sorting and repacking of products (which reduces the cost of shipping from Amazon);
  4. free SMS alerts and emails regarding the status of the package;
  5. money-back guarantee in case of loss or damage to the goods;
  6. the ability to calculate how much shipping costs from Amazon to Russia in advance.

By trusting us with your order, you can be sure of high-quality and efficient service. After all, our organization tries to find an individual approach for each client!


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