What is a tracking number, how to find it

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Tracking number

The tracking number is the tracking number of the postal item, which is provided by the online store after sending your item to our warehouse in the USA. Thanks to this service, you can track the movement of the order on this service at any time. And in case of loss of the parcel or in the event of any force majeure circumstances, it is elementary to open a dispute with the seller about sending the goods again, or to demand a full refund of the purchase price.


Where to find the track number

You can find out where the track number of the parcel is located in various ways, it depends on which online store sent it to you. The easiest way is in your store account in the order history section, for example (Order History, Purchase History or Recent Orders)


Another option is possible, consider the example with the Amazon store after your order has been shipped, you will receive a second email with the subject Shipping Confirmation with a button. If there is no button, the clickable text Track Your package will be instead.


where to find track number


What does the track number look like?


After authorization, a window will open where you can see the Tracking Number in the lower right corner


what does track number look like?


what does track number looks like


Please note the Tracking Number cannot contain hyphens or dashes. Anything that looks like this: 104-42-7215709-27787413 is an Order Number. If there is a dash instead of the track number, then the track number is not provided for this type of shipment, in this case, wait for the parcel to arrive at the warehouse in the USA, the system will automatically inform you later.

Please be careful when registering a parcel on the site! .


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