How to buy cheap in US stores (15 useful sites for finding cheap purchases)

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Find cheap stores for purchase


There are enough resources for online shopping in the US.  Consider the TOP 15 useful websites that can help you save money, find discounts and coupons when you shop in America.

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Product search

 If your goal is to find a product at below retail prices, start looking at sites that check prices for you.  Web resources browse pages for discounted products - save you time and money.


The favorite is monitors millions of great deals in more than 2000 popular online stores and updates its information base with new offers at least 200 times a day.  In addition, it also works directly with stores, due to which it offers exclusive discounts that you will not find in other places.  There are photos of each item and extensive information, including original price, sale price, and DealNews Best Price.  You can subscribe to email alerts for items of interest or stores, receiving up-to-date offers and shopping advice. - cheap US store


Exclusive discounts

 Ben's Bargains tracks about 2,000 retailers and publishes 150 to 200 great deals daily, including current price data and previously posted, users can register for a discount alert based on a specific product, or store within a price range.  Particular attention should be paid to the "Cheaper than Amazon" section, which highlights offers that are much cheaper than the retail giant offers 


Ben's Bargains - cheap tore for shopping


Camelcamelcamel collects and analyzes prices directly from the Amazon website.  Just add a link to the item you are interested in and it will automatically monitor prices and notify you of any price changes in the store.



CamelCamelCamel - cheap us store for shopping


Brad's Deals searches the web daily for the best prices, coupons, discounts and gift certificates from over 3,800 online stores in the US.  The service allows you to easily sort offers by the newest or most popular traders, in the user's personal profile it allows you to set up a list of favorite stores with expected promotions.  You can also register to receive daily discount and sale alert emails.


Brad's deals - cheap us store for shopping lists over 6,000 companies and stores updated daily in 300 categories including clothing, electronics, toys and accessories.  You can search by store or manufacturer, by product type (coupon, store sale, etc.), and by holidays and events (offers for kids back to school, Black Friday deals). - cheap us store for shopping


Otsledit Price Tracker is a browser extension with which you can track changes in prices or content on any site.

 The extension can be configured to monitor prices on the websites of any online stores with the required frequency (minimum check time - every minute, maximum - every 24 hours) and send browser notifications and / or email notifications.  You can set certain tracking conditions and, for example, receive notifications when the price changes only downwards or when the value falls below the set value.


To start tracking the price of a product, you need to go to the page of the online store with the product you are interested in, click on the extension icon and click on the "track price" button (for most online stores, Otsledit recognizes the price itself) or "Create track" (to manually  choose the price of the item).  You can view all the created tracks, the history of changes, set up filters in the "Watchlist", and as soon as the price changes, Otsledit will immediately notify you.


Otsledit - cheap us store for shopping

Find the lowest price

 If you're trying to find the best price for a particular item, price comparison sites make it easy.  When searching for an item on or Google Shopping, they provide a list of stores offering the item, prices, shipping costs, and seller information and ratings.

 However, you can get instant price comparisons right in your browser from the Shoptagr service.  The browser extension plugin automatically searches for other retail sites and displays a warning if the product you are viewing is cheaper on another site.  Shoptagr works on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.  If you also register, you can set target prices in the filter for the items you need and receive email alerts when prices fall to the level you need.

Stores and virtual coupons

 Before shopping online, look for coupon codes to help you get a discount during the checkout process for your purchase.  Some retailers advertise coupons already on their websites when available.  However, some coupons can only be found on coupon sites that work with retailers to create exclusive online coupons.

 The service is considered the undoubted leader.  The service offers 500,000 offers from over 50,000 retailers, including exclusive codes you won't find elsewhere. - cheap US store for shopping focuses the most on quality.  Although the service only provides coupon codes from 800 retail stores, it does have a coupon guarantee.  The site operator will issue a coupon for the store within 24 hours if you cannot find it on the site yourself.


Rather-be-shopping - cheap us store for shopping

Free shipping


Shipping costs within the United States can be a big disadvantage.  That's why the Service offers free coupons from over 4000 merchants including Best Buy, Lands End and Target.


Free shipping coupon from US to Russia


In conclusion, if you're shopping in the US, make sure you get the best price.  Look for products in US stores with free shipping and coupons to save even more.


 Happy shopping!





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