Customs duties and limits on parcels from abroad

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The limit of duty-free import of goods for individuals has been increased. Now you can purchase goods up to 1000 euros without duty. The threshold for the weight of goods has not changed - 31 kg.


The duty-free import limit has been temporarily increased until April 1, 2023. and will apply to goods delivered by mail or carriers.


If the limit is exceeded by the value of the goods or by weight, a duty of 15% is charged on the excess amount. Or 2 euros for each kilogram of excess.


If the weight of the parcels does not exceed the limit and the declared value is more than 1000 euros, a 15% duty is paid on the excess amount. For example, if the cost of the goods is 1500 euros, you need to pay extra because: 1500 – 1000 x 15% x 75 €

If the value of the parcel is within the established limit of 1000 euros but it weighs more than the established weight limit of 31 kg, you will have to pay an additional 4 euros for each extra kilogram. For example, with a parcel weighing 35 kg, you need to pay extra: 35 kg minus 31 kg = 4 kg x 4 euros per kg = 16 euros.

If the limit is exceeded both in terms of weight and value, the amount of the fee is calculated according to one of the larger indicators. For example: The weight of the goods is 35 kg, and the cost of the goods is 1700 euros. 35-31 = 4 kg x 4 € = 16 €; 1700-1000 = 700 x 15% = 105 euros; there is a fee of 105 euros.


In addition to the duty itself, citizens whose parcels exceed the duty-free threshold of 1000 euros will need to pay an additional fee of $8.50. Customs duties are calculated only on the basis of the total value of all goods in the parcel. Customs duty does not apply to the cost of shipping within the United States or to the cost of our services.


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