Delivery from Ebay to Russia

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Ebay is one of the most popular online stores in America.  Thousands of different things are bought here every day.  Their customers are people from all over the world.  However, direct shipping from eBay to Russia is available, but at a higher price and often leads to unpleasant incidents regarding its integrity, or even sellers on refuse to ship it to the Russian Federation.


To prevent such troubles, it is better to entrust the order to an experienced intermediary -  You can purchase on ebay by using the US virtual address consolidation and repackaging service, having previously calculated the cost of sending goods from ebay on an online calculator.


Delivery from eBay

Delivery scheme from Ebay to Russia

1. After registration, the US PERSONAL ADDRESS will be available and sent to you by e-mail, and you can also view it in your personal account on the USApostline website in the warehouse section.  (This address is used in all stores, including ebay)

 2. START SHOPPING!  In the list of auctioned eBay lots, the buyer selects the required product and places an order (Use the Shipping address that you received during registration from USApostline as the address. Billing address, indicate the address to which you issued the payment card)

 3. WAREHOUSE IN USA.  Once your ebay purchase has arrived, you will receive an email, log in to your account and submit a claim if you would like to ship it on the next flight.  (takes 1 minute)

 4. ARRIVAL IN RF.  After passing through customs, the parcel is delivered by courier or to the point of issue of orders to the recipient of your city.

 See: instructions on how to buy goods on ebay

Delivery from eBay to Russia


Usapostline offers the following bonuses to clients

➀ transportation according to the actual weight without rounding (allows you to order accessories for example - watches on Ebay);

 ➀ automatic function of creating a declaration instead of the user (free of charge);

 ➀ repackaging of the shipment for maximum weight reduction (free of charge);

 ➀ consolidation of several orders into one parcel from different sellers via ebay (free of charge);

 ➀ convenient ways to accept payments: Visa, Master Card, QIWI, which makes our service truly unique, unlike competitors;


Buying goods from ebay

Ebay accepts a wide range of payment methods, including paypal.  In rare cases, your card payment may be denied because the payer is outside the United States or the card is not supported for international payments.  If you have a problem placing an order through ebay, you can use the support team to pay on your behalf using a local payment method.



 Our goal is high-quality fast Ebay delivery to Russia of any goods!  That is why our team has been improving its experience for many years, providing customers with ever more attentive and prompt service!




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