Redemption of goods from stores in the USA

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Redemption of goods from stores in the USA

Many stores in America do not accept Russian payment cards and do not deliver goods to Russia. Use our redemption service from any US site.

How much does it cost to buy goods from the USA?

Our service costs 7% of the purchase price, but not less than $10. If the redemption service is used from more than one online store, an additional $5 will be added to the bill for each store.

How do I order a ransom with USAPOSTLINE?


1) Sign up and get a free virtual address in Delaware.

2) In your personal account, find the "Help with the Purchase" section and fill in all the necessary information about the product.


redemption of goods in USA


redemption of good in USA

3) After filling out the application, read the terms of the redemption; if these conditions are suitable for you, check the box and click the button "Approve the application for redemption."


approve the application of redemption

4)Next, you will receive an invoice for payment of your order in your personal account. Payment for the redemption service takes place in your personal account from the wallet. After successful payment, USAPOSTLINE will redeem the goods and add a track number to the "expected" section. You will be able to track it. Upon arrival of the goods at the warehouse, arrange delivery to your country in your personal account.



receive a invoice for payment


5) We will deliver the parcel from the USA personally to your hands at the lowest prices.


What responsibility does USAPOSTLINE take for the purchase of goods?


If an error in the order is made by the store, the cost of the return will depend on the policy of the store where the redemption will be carried out.


Be careful when choosing a store and read their return and refund policies, as USAPOSTLINE is not responsible for the delivery of goods from the seller to the warehouse, for the policy of the store, for the delivery time of the goods, for the timing of the refund.


According to our agreement between the parties, USAPOSTLINE is not responsible for undelivered parcels to the warehouse and does not refund the cost of lost goods if the seller did not return the funds.


To avoid misunderstandings, the client can order the service of a photo of the goods at the time of receipt of the parcel in our warehouse in the USA. If the client has issued the goods for shipment, this means that he has agreed to all the conditions for the purchase of the goods and claims in this regard are no longer accepted.


USAPSOTLINE is not responsible for the policy of the store, for the timing of delivery of goods from the seller to the warehouse, for the timing of the return of funds.


Consideration of the redemption service takes 72 business hours from the moment of payment synchronization. (Payment synchronization takes up to 24 hours)


Funds for the ransom are debited from the wallet in your account.


You can replenish your wallet in any way convenient for you. Replenishment is possible from the card of Russian banks or through the payment systems KoronaPay, Unistrime.


If for any reason you want to make a refund, before the expiration of the allotted time for redemption, we will refund you the transfer amount without a percentage for the redemption (7%), and the refund does not take into account the Commission of payment systems.


Refunds are made through the Golden Crown or Unistream payment system within 7 working days.


If the refund occurs at the initiative of USAPOSTLINE, we will refund you the funds including the percentage for the redemption, but without the return of the commission of payment systems.


We do not provide a quick buyback service, do not participate in auctions, and are not responsible for the timing of discounts or the validity of coupons.





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