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Form BIS-711

Dear customers, please pay your attention to the new option that is required for sending electronics.  Parcels that will be packed: laptops, phones, tablets, video cards and other similar goods will be sent only after filling out a special form that confirms the purpose of the purchase.  We remind you that electronics are allowed to be sent, only for personal use.

What is BIS 711?

 Document bis711 is a reporting form issued by the US Bureau of Industry and Security.  This document is used when sending dual-use or military goods, but is not included in the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) list.  Due to the situation in the world, this form must be completed and submitted to their service in order to legally export the product from the United States to the country of destination.  The form to be completed certifies that your purchase is for personal use and will not participate in hostilities.  Without a completed form, some items will not be able to leave the US.


 1. The form to fill out must be downloaded from the link: BIS 711

 2. Each item is filled in English.

 3. Each item must be completed separately.  For example, if your parcel contains a laptop and a phone, you need to fill out two forms for each item.

 4. After filling, the document is checked by our employees and after checking the parcel will be packed.

 5. The document must be completed either on a computer or manually (in legible handwriting) and signed in ink.  Scan to provide us by mail in the letter indicate: personal account number, order number and e-mail, which is assigned to the account.

6. When filling out the form, the name of the account holder and the name of the buyer must match.

 7. Your Russian address must be indicated in the document.


Sample document filling.  Note!  The date of completion is specified in the format month/day/year.


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