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Do you know what drives all Americans crazy?  Holiday sales, which are not limited to Black Friday and the Christmas season of discounts, purchases can also be made during seasonal sales at pre-discounted prices.

 Stay up to date with the biggest trading events of the year!  Our annual sales calendar lets you know about major overseas online sales throughout the year, helping you maximize your savings on online shopping in the US.

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Top sales of the year



Important sales day: Martin Luther King Day (MLK ​​Day) -Third Monday.  The celebration is dedicated to the defender of the rights of black people living in America.


Marthin Luther King Jr. day sales


Things to Buy: Homewares from the likes of Macy's, Kohl's, Pottery Barn, so-called White Sales.  The discounted sale includes bedding sets, blankets and other household items.  Therefore, it's time to think about warm clothes, discounts reach 50 percent or more.



Important sales day: February 14 Valentine's Day.  Valentine's Day is the most contemplative day in the calendar of seasonal discounts.


Valentine's day February sales


Things to Buy: The best time to shop for love-themed items, jewelry, and cosmetics.  Keep in mind that most purchases are made before Valentine's Day on the 5th and 6th.Big sales day: Third Monday.  Presidents Day is also called George Washington's birthday.



President's day sales event and sales

Items to Buy: A chance to buy items that were exorbitantly priced at the end of December for high-end electronics, accessories, premium clothing.  In the middle price segment, the discount is 30-40% Sale lasts 1-2 days.



Important sales day: March 17 St. Patrick's Day.  catholic holiday

March - important sales day

Items to Buy: All product categories are on sale, with discounts on items in green and stocks of winter clothing (coats, boots, sweaters, scarves, etc.).  Discounts start a few days before the holiday and are valid for the rest of the week.


Important sales day: Period from March 22 to April 25.  Catholic Easter (Easter) is one of the main holidays of the entire Christian world.


April important sales day


Things to Buy: Easter sales kick off the last week of March, and include religious themes as a rule.  Big sales are announced for sweets and Easter decorations.  Discounts keep in the amount of 20-30%



Important sales day: Mother's Day - Second Sunday.  Home celebration dedicated to mom and all women.

Things to buy: Discounts apply to the women's segment of goods: clothes, underwear, cosmetics, reach up to 60%.

 Big Selling Day: Memorial Day Last Monday Memorial Day is declared a federal holiday in the States in memory of the people who gave their lives while serving in the country's armed forces.  Marks the beginning of the unofficial summer holiday season


Important sales day in May


Things to Buy: Online retailers in the US are offering special short-term sales during the first week on all types of products.  Discounts are 40-50%.



Important sales day: Father's Day - Third Sunday in June.  Officially celebrated since 1966, it is considered a national family holiday in America.


important sales in day in June


Things to buy: Stores have a short sale a week before the start date of the holiday, mainly on men's clothing and computers, as shoppers are interested in gifts for men.  With a good discount on this day, you can also buy equipment for the garden, fishing, hiking and outdoor activities.




An important day of sales: Independence Day in the USA (Independence Day) - Fourth of July.  To be declared federal holidays to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by Congress in 1776.  The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were considered independent states and were no longer part of the British Empire.


Important sales day in July


Things to buy: Most online stores offer summer clearance (Summer Clearance) on casual clothes and shoes, electronics, home appliances, 40-50%.

Important Sale Day: July 11 to 15 (Prime Day on Amazon) This event (which usually lasts about 30 hours)


Discount on amazon in July at sales day

Items to Buy: Includes big discounts on Amazon products in the (Deals) section of clothing, shoes and electronics  function.



Important sales day: Period from August 15 to September 15.  Back to School Action Why not take the time before the start of the new school year to prepare for the first day of knowledge.  Competition is high during this period, so it's time to shop.


Important sales day in August


Things to Buy: A good time to pick up school supplies and clothes for the kids for the new school year.  The sale selection will be fantastic at prices ranging from 25% to 65%.


Important Sales Day: Labor Day - The first Monday in September is a public holiday, considered the unofficial end of the summer season in the United States.


Important sales day in September

Items to Buy: Gardening equipment, outdoor and barbecue supplies.  There are also big discounts on clothes and shoes from summer collections, school backpacks and laptops.



Important sales day: Columbus Day - Second Monday The celebration is celebrated in honor of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America.

 Things to Buy: Sales will be a little more modest compared to the upcoming Halloween holiday. However, you will still find an opportunity to stock up on winter shopping at discounted prices.

 Important sales day: Halloween (Halloween) - October 31.  One of the most colorful holidays of our time, it is celebrated on the eve of All Saints' Day and is especially popular among young people because of costume parties.

Important sales day in October

Things to buy: Celebration discounts appear 2 weeks before the holiday.  New iPhone models were announced in September, so retailers are starting to cut prices on previous generation models.



Important sales day: Thanksgiving Day - Fourth Thursday.  The main family holiday in the United States, which announces the start of the long-awaited Christmas sales.

 Thanksgiving Day

Important sales day in November

Things to buy: Many major retailers, including Walmart, Target and Best Buy, will open their doors on Thanksgiving.  Whether you're looking for a new HDTV, smartphone, or other popular gadget, you can get access to the lowest early season prices as low as 10 percent this Thanksgiving.  Check the Black Friday sales announcements in each store, see what items will be on sale, if the price of the item is worth the advertised cost compared to Black Friday.

 Important Sales Calendar Day in the USA: Black Friday - The fourth Friday the day after Thanksgiving.  Black Friday is an American shopping holiday that officially kicks off the beginning of the Christmas sales since 1952.


Important sales day USA in November


Things to buy: On this day, sellers set real discounts from 25-75% for the entire range of goods.  Note that discounts on Black Friday are not always considered the maximum at the beginning of the season, for example, prices for winter clothes and toys will only decrease as Christmas approaches.  It is better not to postpone purchases until later, otherwise the things you need will be sorted out by more active buyers.


Important Sales Calendar Day in the USA: Cyber ​​Monday (Cyber ​​Monday) - The first Monday following the Black Friday promotion.  The action occurred as a by-product of the Thanksgiving holiday in America.  While Black Friday was meant for retail stores, Cyber ​​Monday is meant for agency buyers to make purchases online.



Sales days in USA in November


Things to Buy: Online retailers set maximum low prices for all sale items.  Pay attention to electronics, home appliances and household goods.



Important Sales Calendar Day in the USA: Catholic Christmas (Christmas) on December 25th.  The most important event of the year.  Traditionally, Christmas sales are considered the most grandiose and the most generous in discounts for the entire current year.

Important sales day in USA in December

Things to buy: Only these days absolutely all goods, including expensive branded items, can be purchased at real discounts from 40 to 70%.  It is worth making a list of things you are interested in in advance, the sizes and products in demand are sold out in the first hours of the sale, and leave the nice little things for last, discounts will only increase.







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